Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yum CRC shine in the China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition (CISMA)

Kuiwei two sewing machines out in the professional development of the world one of the four - China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition CISMA in this year's Sept. 22 in Shanghai New International Expo Center debut, the first rebound in domestic economic context CISMA2009 show confidence and strength of the enterprise to achieve breakthroughs adversity important platform. From 17 countries and regions, more than one thousand domestic and foreign well-known sewing equipment manufacturers gathered in Shanghai, over 8 million square meters in size large stage dazzling display their latest product the best. The theme of "Innovation upgrade" the current CISMA show, after 19 years of exploration and development, the scale has been highest in the world, as foreign buyers purchase sewing equipment, the main channel and domestic sewing equipment manufacturers display products, an important platform for exports.

Has been working to promote the progress of the Shanghai fashion industry management software company Yum, this time also by its subsidiaries - Hangzhou Yum Co-operative on behalf of technology companies as a whole to participate in this session of sewing equipment event. In the build number has not yet sounded, when the CRC Yum already gearing up in this event from home and abroad to the exhibitors and audience Yum Kai domain software and co-produced group of "clothing production management tool "- RF125 system, it is the application of RFID technology in real-time production management solutions through 浣跨敤 RFID chip card and the reader Anzhuang in the parking Shang Lai Cai Ji produce productive in the field real-time information and worker performance, Bangzhu managers near real-time production data, anytime, anywhere to understand their performance, production schedules, and other information in the product number to balance each real-time monitoring of production line and further expand the production capacity and reduce costs. RF125 system efficiency of production processes and staff transparent, production bottlenecks occur as long as one can be reflected immediately, it is like a microscope implanted in the factory, fuzzy, chaotic, excessively bureaucratic management of the situation in one fell swoop to be clear, accurate, real-time replaced by information.

RF125 system upon the introduction of a strong response to great acclaim, it not only improved the software product Yum own clothing chain, also filled the clothing production management software market in this one blank. Application of the RF125 system of apparel makers generally praised on this management plan increases, customers are delighted to share our feelings applications RF125 system: geometric efficiency and avoid waste of geometry, is precisely what they have been looking for a good production management assistant !

Three days in the exhibition, full of high-tech fashion sense Yum Co-operative Hall has been filled with visitors, customers flock to visit consultation. The first day of the exhibition we have successfully signed a single customer on the Shanghai Yum's brands and RF125 advanced systems have been popular with Canada, this is a special trip to come watch Yum Co-operative interpretation of "science and technology also fashionable "management philosophy, the personal experience of people from top to bottom Yum professional service, the customer finally determined together with the wishes of Yum, a heavy stroke of a pen readily signed the purchase contract. A short period of three days, and from all parts of our customers approached the same time, it is actually an ideological collision, exchange ideas, "Feast." Old saying goes, is a wise, Yum CRC have been in mind, clearly understand that only by constantly listening to voice of the customer, the customer needs into creative power, can be firmly installed in hard-won "the market share of the first" throne, has been Yum writing a brilliant!

As a first application of RFID radio frequency in the domestic apparel production management technology pioneer, Yum CRC has focused on apparel production management of innovation, because we firmly believe that innovation can promote industrial upgrading and innovation to help business continuity, imminent in Yum usher celebrate the tenth anniversary of creation of the time people have in the planning of cast Yum "Yum software" grand vision of a century brand. Yum, willing to work with the way the apparel industry peers, rain or shine.


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