Tuesday, October 5, 2010

To "fool"? Or to "fine"?

Invoicing 2005 tranquil market two new forces, "Fine," Invoicing and the "Fool" Invoicing, like Eileen Chang's white and red roses, one is holy "wife", a was thick with "mistress" It's hard to choose. Customer hereby also hesitant, and in the end to his wife as a "fine" and had to have a mistress as attractive, "fool-type"?

To "fool" Invoicing?

Fool Invoicing is based on a lot of end users are small businesses, the lack of computers and accounting professionals in the characteristics of design. It is a simple, easy to use as a selling point, a time Invoicing industry launched a "fool-type" wave, then fool the camera seems to be chic when baked. However, people are able to according to the requirements of the camera was like on the line, the common man is the measure of the clarity of photos, then, whether Invoicing requirements are that simple? Many "fool" the first admirers have produced this feeling, Invoicing use really "fool" anyone can use this software, but have followed a severe problem, and its function resulting simplified simply can not meet the aspirations of the initial purchase of software. Invoicing software at this time seems to be a copy manual, only a manual accounting to computer accounts, so why the operation of it many times in one fell swoop? Enterprise information technology seems just a show.

To "fine" into consumer deposit?

Refined into the design of consumer deposit is characterized by fine, its function is more comprehensive, detailed, thoughtful, full from the customer's business processes and need to be considered in order to meet customer business needs of the fine management of the design. It is a comprehensive medium-sized department staff understand more complex operations, Invoicing of goods in large quantities, demand management needs analysis, staff needs clear and so responsibility for the task, function attentive. Fine design is absolutely not equivalent to a pile of features, operation of the complex. Software is a management tool, so the soul of its design and management of management thought to be consistent. Invoicing is the soul of meticulous precision management is that all work intensive, skilled and meticulous. In the operation design, full stand the user's perspective, the module clear and easy to operate.

Fool, fine. What wins?

Whether it is "fool" or "fine" and they are carried around the user. Red Rose, White Rose no matter how their contests, and eventually to win customers happy. Fool Ye Hao, fine Yehao only truly meet user needs, easy to use Invoicing to occupy the market.

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